Star Mail Plus

About Star Mail Plus

Star Mail Plus is a cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service) cost effective mailing solution. It features mailing solutions on popular mail clients and mobile devices.

The Star Mail Plus service comes bundled with:


  • Designed and deployed with high-level of Security and Reliability.
  • Collaboration tools like E-mail, calendar, contacts on your PC using all familiar clients like Thunderbird or on all the familiar web browsers.
  • Multi-user online text chat.
  • Each user is allocated Online File storage space
  • Using Star Mail Plus Control Panel, you (administrator) can create, modify and delete users as per your business requirements.

How Star Mail Plus Works

Star Mail Plus has been designed and deployed with high level of security, performance and scalability. The authentication and directory servers are protected with security stacks which act like a gateway.

Every Star Mail Plus server is behind a firewall, ensuring policy enforcement takes place, which is followed by a comprehensive virus scan using Proof Point Layer to ensure that only Legitimate Mails are passed to the Mail Server.

End Users can download mail only after mails are sent to the corporate server from the mail server.

In case of non-availability of Mail server, the mails are queued for a period of up to 3 days.

About Star Mail Plus Monitoring Team

Star Mail Plus’s complete infrastructure is under 24 x 7 monitoring. The Mailing Infrastructure is part of the continuous monitored systems and infrastructure of Cloud infinient managed by our Network Operations Centre Team.